360 Waves Haircut Tips

Most people who want to learn to get 360 waves, confuse 360 waves with it been just a hair cut. They think they can just go to any barber shop & just order a 360 waves haircut, & whola! They suddenly have 360 waves. Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble, you cannot do this. You must do certain things to your hair to train it to form 360 waves. It all depends on what hair products you use, what methods you use.

Yes during the process of getting 360 waves, there is a specific haircut only suitable for the 360 waves process. But all in all, how to get waves involves more than a haircut. This article we will be examing the basics of 360 waves, the products to use & the basic methods to use to start us off.

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First lets get back to basics, this is 360 waves 101. 360 waves are formed from the wavyness of your hair strands. 360 waves hairstyle are formed from the natural coiling of your hair strands or the tight curls of your hair. These curls or coils are straightened by brushing & various methods, to get your hairs strand wavy. Your hair strand will always try to resist to be straight & will always attempt to coil back. With the right degree of training you hair strand will eventually give up & be wavy. The 360 waves pattern is mainly formed by brushing your hair with the grain-ref to the brushing chart in The 360 waves Blueprint here.

Alright lets examine the 360 waves haircut to get before you begin wavin. Getting 360 waves is just like training a dog, you need to start training them when they are young. Likewise when getting 360 waves, you need to train your hair to be wavy when its not overgrown yet. Get it! Cool, glad thats out of the way.

Now what you need to do is to cut your hair to a guard #1.0 or #1.5, this is a very low cut, but not bald. Some call it a light ceaser or whatever you wanna call it, ask your barber he will know. The point is, you need to get your hair very low, so you can start training it.

Lets now put all that we have learned together to form our 360 hair waves method. You need to brush you hair with the grain in the shower for about 10 minutes, then dry your hair put some moisturizer, I prefer hollywood beauty carrot creme, though there others which you can use. Next brush with the grain for another 10 minutes, durag & repeat the process during the day i.e moisturizering, brushing & duraging.

Due to the vastness of the subject of 360 waves, we cannot cover everything here in this one article. For a comprehensive guide on the methods to get 360 waves…


With the right mentoring & guidance, learning how to get waves will be such an easy & fun experience.

All the best in your 360 waves journey, see you at the top!

Wave Doc


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